August 07, 2022 3 min read

At Veeda, we have a range of incontinence products all designed for different incontinence needs. Understanding what incontinence products may be right for you or a loved one can be a difficult task. We’re generally presented with the same question; what’s the difference between adult diapers and incontinence underwear?

To save any confusion, adult diapers can also be referred to as incontinence briefs or briefs with tabs. Incontinence underwear can also be referred to as adult pull-ups and incontinence pants.

Adult diapers

Generally adult diapers include panels that stretch and fasten around the hips for a tighter fit (similar to that of a traditional disposable baby diaper). The tabs are often able to be refastened to allow yourself or your care giver to make adjustments throughout the day or night if needed. When removing adult diapers, they can be undone and re-done up again if you’re going to the bathroom and don’t want to change your diaper.  

Incontinence underwear

Incontinence underwear looks a lot more like ‘normal’ underwear and works similarly. To put on, you place one leg in each hole, hold the top of each side and pull up to fit around your groin area.  Incontinence underwear is stretchy and comes in different size variations to offer a secure fit. When pull ups needs to be changed, you can tear the material at the side to enable you to easily remove them. However, once the side is torn, it can’t be closed again. Many people prefer this style of incontinence product as it’s ideal if you’re wanting to take your underwear on and off when you go to the bathroom. Additionally, it’s a good product for those with conditions such as dementia.

What’s the right choice?

Choosing the right product for you or your loved one totally depends on your health preferences and needs. Generally, pull-up incontinence underwear is more popular due to its comfortability, ease of use and discreet presence. It is less bulky than men’s or women’s diapers and feels like normal underwear, making it easy to adjust to. They’re, light, quiet and feel as though they’re barely there. Veeda incontinence underwear isn’t noticeable when being worn and still offers great absorption.

Adult diapers are bulkier and aren’t as discreet as pull ups, meaning they can rustle when you’re moving around. This makes them less suitable if you’re after an unnoticeable quiet product. Saying this, they do offer great absorption and some people don’t mind that they’re noticeable.

Veeda incontinence underwear

Veeda has designed incontinence underwear that is comfortable, easy to use, discreet and has high absorption. Our underwear comes in sizes: S/M, L and XL in both the men’s and women’s range to suit a wide variety of bodies. We offer our customers the satisfaction of knowing that their incontinence underwear is discreet, high quality and comfortable to help feel relaxed about dealing with their incontinence both at home and in public.  

Veeda underwear has perforated sides to make it easy to rip off when disposing of and offer a body hugging custom soft fit. They’re ultra-thin, extra absorbent and light weight making them safe and reliable for heavy bladder leaks. Feel confident with Veeda incontinence underwear, a thoughtfully designed product that offers 360-degree maximum protection to keep you dry all day long.



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