June 19, 2022 3 min read

Peeing in the shower is apparently a pretty common thing. You either do it or you don’t – there’s no real in-between. Up until now, there wasn’t really much thought on how it could be bad for you. Pee is supposedly meant to be sterile right?

When you’re in the shower, you’re generally washing your body so what’s the harm of peeing whilst there if you need to go? Hey, it saves the toilet trip, water and even toilet paper - it’s not like you’re peeing on your dry, clean body. Although it may feel like a guilty pleasure for some, pee isn’t sterile and peeing in the shower can damage your pelvic floor muscles, potentially leading to leakage issues later on.

It was in 1994 that pop icon Madonna, encouraged people to wee in the shower. “No, seriously, peeing in the shower is really good … [it’s] like an antiseptic.” However, Madonna’s claims have not been proven correct. Experts are saying that peeing should only be done in the toilet and not the shower. Additionally, people that were born with the female anatomy were not designed to pee standing up.

In May 2022, Dr Teresa Irwin, a Texas-based urogynaecologist took to Tik Tok to educate people on why it is bad for your bladder health to wee in the shower. She informed viewers that consistent weeing in the shower can actually form a habit in the brain which can lead to bladder problems.

She gave the example of Pavlov’s dog training, that after several repetitions, the sound of the metronome would make a dog salivate at the thought of getting a treat. His observations concluded that salivation was a learned response in which animals began to associate the sound of the metronome with the presentation of food.

Like Pavlov’s dog training, if humans consistently pee in the shower, they may begin to associate the sound of running water with the thought of peeing.  This means that when you’re washing your hands, the dishes or pouring a glass of water, your bladder is going to ‘salivate’ because it wants to pee.


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