Naturalena Brands

Naturalena Brands is a company dedicated to developing high quality goods with great value and global distribution. Every day we're working to build a life-changing business—with our products, our philanthropic work, and our eco-friendly practices. Our cost-effective natural solutions are helping to make safer, healthier choices available to consumers everywhere. 

​Naturalena Brands is a company dedicated to offering cost-effective, natural solutions for the global consumer. We truly want to see the world become a better place.

Manufactured in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we can stand behind our products with a guarantee of safety, effectiveness and reliability for our customers, and offer a secure supply chain and quality control for our partners. We like to call it THE NATURALENA WAY.

Naturalena Brands is a global corporation exemplifying the best in triple bottom line philosophies, with expanding programs to assist women and children around the world.

"Triple bottom line" means that we measure success according to three principles: 

CUSTOMERS: Providing women access to high-quality, affordable natural products. 

ENVIRONMENT: Using eco-friendly practices to reduce environmental impact of our office practices, production cycles, packaging and marketing materials.

COMMUNITY: Giving back by supporting organizations that protect the environment and advance family health and wellness on a global scale.