1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer - Moisturizing Antimicrobial Formula (Made in USA)

Hand sanitizer allows you to clean your hands and skin easily without the need for soap and water! Boost your skin's defense shield with our Antimicrobial Aloe Formula, that eliminates and protects our skin against harmful organisms. Suitable for all skin types, perfect for the whole family. Proceeds from all sales of Hand Sanitizer will go directly to the Naturalena Foundation to support families, frontline/essential workers, and small businesses affected by the Covid-19 Virus.

  • POTENT ANTIMICROBIAL FORMULA: Made with ingredients that will cleanse, purify and protect your skin against harmful bacteria, safely and effectively.
  • PARABEN AND PHTHALATE FREE: We use only the best defenses to protect your skin without harmful chemicals that may irritate your skin.
  • KILLS 99.9% OF BACTERIA: Our hand sanitizer will eliminate unwanted harmful elements without drying your skin.
  • FRESHEN YOUR SKIN WHILE CLEANSING: Formulated with refreshing lemon zest - leaves hands smelling fresh.
  • THIS PRODUCT GIVES BACK: Naturalena Brands is proud to introduce Veeda/Happy Little Camper Hand Sanitizer, products made in the USA in partnership with the Naturalena Foundation.